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It is the only hotel located in the heart of the magnificent University, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

 Built right in the center of the historic center of Coimbra, it has easy and fast access to the main tourist attractions of the city. 

The Sapientia Boutique Hotel is located next to the main buildings of the University, a few meters from the imposing Joanina Library, the University Tower, the Old Cathedral, the Machado de Castro Museum and the Botanical Garden, among many other iconic symbols of the city's history.

Completely integrated in the majestic scenery of university’s life, it allows for a history to be kept in every corner.

This is a privileged location because is connected to the downtown area of Coimbra by narrow streets and alleys, picturesque portraits of a city over a thousand years old.


UNESCO World Heritage


R. José Falcão Nº4, | 3000-062, Coimbra, Portugal  |  Tel: +351 239 151 803

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