With stone walls, an old wooden bar and an amazing decoration, the “ Tasca das Tias Camellas”

is a space with soul, history and life of its own.


Full of irreverence, the keys of an ancient piano in the background and a piece of glass floor, where you can see the cistern of the 16th century, an archeological gem discovered by chance during the construction of the hotel.


 The name was recovered from the history, because the ”Tasca of the Tias Camellas” was the name of one of the most important taverns of Coimbra in the XIX Century, where were distinguished and noble names of the university and the bohemian life of those times.

In its exterior extension, there is the courtyard “Pátio dasTias Camellas”, which was specially designed for those who like the tranquility of time... For those who like to watch the minutes and hours passing by, but always keeping the desire to stay.

It is a place to just be, to breathe deeply the silence and so many other things ...

At the “Tasca" or courtyard of “Tias Camellas”, we offer a simple but carefully designed menu for the most discerning connoisseurs.


Open every day

Lunch: 12am to 3pm | Dinner6.30pm to 10.30pm

Remaining Time

It works as a bar, with small snacks




Our Breakfast is exquisite!
A delicious offer full of aromas and flavors to start the new day in the best way.

Betting entirely on the quality and great diversity of delicacys, our breakfast offers a varied of choices, made from the best products of the Region.

It can bemserved in the "Tasca das Tias Camellas" but can also be enjoyed in the courtyard, cherishing the sun or the shadow of the centenary walnut.