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When the bell of the historic University Tower rings about 6pm, the Wine Hour begins!


The evening at the Sapientia Boutique Hotel is a hymn to the senses with the tasting of a nectar of great harmony and strong personality. Is there a more interesting experience than feeling the magic of a glass of a good wine and then relax on an armchair?

"Antonino Vidal" is served in "Tasca das Tias Camellas" and in the Portuguese Coutyard. The Wine Hour is a tribute to the memory of Antonino José Rodrigues Vidal, Professor at the University of Coimbra in the 20th century. XIX. He was also a wine producer and the first owner of one of the buildings where Sapientia is located.

The "Guest Assistants" explain the coordinates of the history and the symbolism of the moment...


We offer all guests a glass of our trademarked of our wine Antonino Vidal.


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